Repair and Maintenance


We carry out the repair and maintenance of the taxi fleet ourselves. As the costs of repair and maintenance of our taxis are borne by us, we are able to better manage our costs.

Our depot workshops are well equipped to handle a wide range of repairing and maintenance tasks, from routine maintenance such as the changing of engine oil to complicated tasks such as the accident repairs, system overhaul, repair and installation of break pads, master pump, clutch disc as well as tyre balancing and alignment.

Our depot workshops are also able to provide CNG conversion services to our fleet of taxis. Our Directors believe that we are the one of the few taxi operators in Singapore which has its own in-house depot workshop to service and maintain its fleet of taxis and the only one in Singapore which is able to provide CNG conversion to our own taxis. Our Company strongly encourages our taxi drivers to bring their taxis for regular inspections and maintenance. These measures ensure that the condition and life-span of our fleet is kept at an optimal level.